3 Temmuz 2010 Cumartesi

i hate dreams

perhaps this will be never read but nevertheless i think for first time it's time to write here about this as i had very vivid deram about you for first time since summer.

be happy, be stead, be lucky..

be yourself

i wish all the best, for the sake of good days

it's a beautiful day slowly the weather is getting freezing.

i had a dream yesterday night, and i saw you after so long time

i think you're happy now, and that's what i wish for you

and i think i owe you an apology for the tears you shed for so long time.

it's in my nature to be destructive

if i ever broke your heart and hurted you

than i'm sorry

i'm sitting under starlight as always and following the winds. and destroying the unreal walls of the truth, making impossible to happen with my dangerous words.

it was a weird deram in my sleep yesterday and i was in an unpredictable place, but it felt very real so i decided to write this here.

miss u..

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